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No, it’s not a company that pays a 35% fee in cash and accepts a one-week guarantee.

Although these are desirable (albeit unrealistic) traits, they’re not requirements in my definition of a great client.

A great client engages. They appreciate the fact that the recruiter is working for them and they provide guidance.

  • They take the time up front to lay out the position requirements and answer the recruiter’s questions about the “soft stuff” they’re looking for.
  • They don’t point the recruiter to the job req on the company website for a description of the kind of candidate they want.
  • They provide rapid and thoughtful feedback after submission of a candidate or an interview.  Without this, we cannot provide you with candidates closer to your expectations. Note: “Pass” is not thoughtful feedback.
  • They work with the recruiter to keep progress on the search fresh, advising on a timely basis when changes have been made in the position scope, when they’ve shortlisted a candidate, when they’d like the recruiter to keep a candidate warm, when a candidate is out of the running, and when they’ve closed out the req.

In short, they treat the recruiter like a trusted resource, not an arm’s length vendor that can be swapped out for any number of competitors.

That’s what makes a Great Client in my book.