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Interesting article on positioning your candidacy effectively once you’ve reached seniority.  Just like avoiding the passive voice and using action verbs in your resume, choosing the right way to position your experience can make a major difference in how you are perceived by those in the hiring process.

  • Were you just “there” when the company signed a multi-million dollar contract, or did you “participate”, or did you actually “close the deal” and bring home the proverbial bacon?
  • Are you “Accomplished” or simply “Seasoned”?
  • Do you proudly proclaim having gained decades of experience in your career summary?  These days length of experience counts less than ability.  Don’t rub your years of experience in the recruiter or hiring manager’s face; let them do the math if it’s important to them.

Older job-seekers face significant challenges in the lean hiring years since the Great Recession.  Jobs are increasingly compartmentalized, marginalizing the value of your broad experience.  Put your best foot forward during your career search by employing a smart choice of words.

5 Magic Words for Older Candidates